REVIEW: Comic Bento September 2015

LOVE comics, but reading and collecting comics is definitely not a cheap hobby to have. I talked about a few options on how to save while still feeding your comic habit in my Comics on a Budget post, but one thing I didn’t discuss were subscription boxes like Comic Bento!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


Comic Bento is a subscription box service that ships a box of trade paperback and graphic novels to your doorstep each month worth at least $60 for only $20 plus shipping and handling. Each month there’s a new theme and you’ll receive several titles relating to the theme from publishers such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and more! Get yours here.


Thanks to Comic Bento’s affiliate program, I was sent a complementary box to review for you guys. September’s theme was Fight the Fight, so let’s check it out…


Daredevil: Season One (MARVEL)

Meet Matt Murdock, One Of New York’s Finest Attorneys By Day And Swashbuckling Crime-Fighter Daredevil By Night! Discover The Dark Secrets Behind His First Days In The Costume, As The Man Without Sight Became The Man Without Fear-And One Of The Greatest Heroes In Comic History. Daredevil Faces Off Against The Owl, Purple Man And Mr. Fear For The First Time…But It’s Not What You Remember!

via Marvel

A great start to the box! This one was actually a hardcover trade, which is amazing. I haven’t read much Daredevil, but it’s something that has been on my list recently (thanks to the Netflix series!), so I was happy to see this included in the box.

Retail Price: $24.99USD


X-O Manowar has returned to Earth — and now the world’s most lethal intelligence agent has a new target. Hired by members of The Vine hidden deep within Earth’s governments, Ninjak has been sent to bring back the Manowar armor at any cost. But what happens when the world’s foremost weapons specialist engages the universe’s most powerful weapon head on? And even if Ninjak can defeat the armor’s defenses, does he stand a chance against the savage warrior that controls it?

via Valiant Entertainment

I haven’t read any X-O Manowar, but I’ve heard nothing but good things, I’m probably most excited about reading this and exploring a new character and universe outside the big two.

Retail Price: $14.99USD

Superman/Batman: Vengeance (DC)

Can the World’s Finest pair take on a squad of revenge-seeking heroes who are on the hunt for the murderer of one of their teammates? Things are sure to heat up fast, because Batman and Superman are at the top of their suspect list!

And how do Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Superwoman and Batwoman fit into all of this?

via Comic Vine

I’ve only recently started reading a few titles from DC, and typically I really don’t enjoy Batman or Superman but after flipping through this volume I have to admit that the story looks like a lot of fun. I’m excited to see how I get on with this mashup of two characters that I usually tend to avoid.

Retail Price: $12.99USD

Executive Assistants: Hitlist Agenda (ASPEN)

The Hit List Agenda returns with its sites set on you! Aspen’s sold-out summer crossover event is finally packaged together in one masterpiece collection for Executive Assistant fans! Join Lotus, Orchid, and Violet in their own respective journeys as the “Hit List Agenda” storyline binds them all together to eventually face the global threat of corporate mastermind Duncan Villone and his massive network of power and corruption. Featuring the talents of over a dozen of the industry’s top artists and creators, this pulse-pounding storyline sets the stage for the acclaimed second volume of Executive Assistant: Iris! Don’t miss out!

via Amazon

I haven’t really heard much about Aspen comics so I’m not sure what to expect with this title but I’m looking forward to branching out and reading something from a publisher that I haven’t yet read any titles from. You know I’m always up for reading new comics about badass ladies!

Retail Price: $19.99USD

Highlander Volume Three: Armageddon (DYNAMITE) 

“ARMAGEDDON” stars Duncan MacLeod and picks up from the shocking events of Highlander: Endgame (the film which reveals the ultimate fate of Connor MacLeod), and reveals that Connor may be gone but is certainly not forgotten – all as Duncan undertakes a deadly mission that involves a doomsday cult and the Watcher’s!

via Dynamite

This is another title that I haven’t heard of, and I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be to pick up on a series like this starting with the third volume. This is definitely the title that I find the least appealing out of the box.

Retail Price: $11.99USD


Overall, my September box was filled with approximately $85.00USD worth of comics! While a lot of the titles in this box I hadn’t heard of, that doesn’t mean I won’t find a new favourite and I’m excited to read titles from publishers I wouldn’t normally pick up. I would definitely say that Comic Bento is worth the money but personally I think I’ll be picking and choosing when I subscribe based on that month’s theme. I’m a picky comics reader and subscribing when I like a theme would mean I would be getting the most out of my money, and it’s awesome to have that flexibility with a subscription box.

Want to check out Comic Bento for yourself? November’s theme is Button Mash and you can subscribe here.

What nerdy subscription boxes are you subscribed to? Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever gotten Comic Bento, I’d love to know what you think!

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Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, however I was in no way asked to provide a positive review. All opinions in this review are my own. The affiliate links contained within this post mean that if you purchase a subscription using my link within 3 days of this being posted, I will receive a commission. 


7 thoughts on “REVIEW: Comic Bento September 2015

    • This month I did find that at least a few of the titles wouldn’t be appropriate for a younger reader (mainly due to the art). However if you go take a look at their store page where they showcase some of their old boxes you can see that for the majority of them the comics included are mainly PG or G rated. I think it depends on the theme too. Like November’s is a video game theme and I would assume that most if not all of those titles would be appropriate for all ages. Comic Bento usually respond to messages and tweets on their social media fairly quickly so if you were seriously considering this as a gift for your son maybe shoot them a message.


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