REVIEW: FanMail Legends of the CW Box

I don’t think it’s a secret that I have a tendency to be a pretty big Fangirl, especially when it comes to TV shows (just follow me on twitter and you’ll see my weekly freak outs over Grimm). It’s for this reason that I pretty much threw my money at the ladies over at FanMail when they announced a Legends of the CW box for September.

FanMail is a subscription box “for lady geeks, by lady geeks” and features a different theme each month. A subscription costs $21.99 a month plus shipping/handling, $63.00 for three months, $120.00 for six months or a year for $228.00. Each box is filled with memorabilia, everything from t-shirts and jewelry to books and collectibles.

The Legends of the CW box promised items from popular CW (formerly WB & UPN) shows including current favourites like Supernatural and The Flash, as well as cult favourites like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Personally, the reason I signed up was for the promised Supernatural and Buffy items and oh boy, they did NOT disappoint. Let’s check out what was in the (deceptively tiny) box:


Right on top of the box were two postcard sized information cards – one announcing FanMail Favourites boxes for the holiday season, and the other providing a list of what was included in your box, as well as some suggestions of what to watch, read and play during the month of October; which I thought was a super cute idea. Unlike in other sub-boxes though these information cards had awesome fandom-themed art on the back, one was Buffy themed, the other Supernatural.

I was super excited to see a shirt included, and then maybe freaked out a tiny bit when I realized it was a Supernatural shirt. The shirt is really good quality; soft and the print is vibrant. I really love this design though, it’s the same design that was on the back of the FanMail Favourites information card, and I was nerding out looking at the card (and shirt) picking out all the little Supernatural Easter Eggs they included in the design.


Next up was another awesome Supernatural item – a necklace with the Winchester’s licence plate. I really love this because aside from the occasional nerdy shirt, and some keychains I don’t tend to like a lot of the fandom accessories that are out there, they tend to be a bit much for me. This necklace is super simple, and the perfect size, so I can actually see myself wearing it. I also really like that it’s a subtle nod at the series and you’d have to be a fan to realize what the licence plate means.


The final Supernatural item was really sweet and unless you’ve watched the series you will not understand why a little green army man matters but I love that they thought to include this.


The Buffy item they included was a collectible ornament. This is the only item in the box that I was SUPER disappointed with. Now, don’t get me wrong… I love that we got a Buffy item, and this is more me being whiny than anything, but I HATE CORDELIA, whhhhyyyyy couldn’t I have gotten ANYONE else.


We also got items from Arrow and The Flash. From Arrow we got a replica Felicity Smoak necklace, and from The Flash we got a CC Jitters Coffee sleeve. I don’t watch either of these shows, but the necklace is cute and I would probably wear it if I wore more yellow-gold. I thought the coffee sleeve was such a great idea, and a nice subtle way to show off your geek. Despite not watching the show, I’ll probably use the coffee sleeve on my reusable mugs.

Lastly, there were some smaller items that were included in the box – a pair of plastic fangs, CW promo stickers and CW promo/trading cards.

FanMail-Legends-CW-6 FanMail-Legends-CW-2

Overall, I was incredibly happy with everything in this box. This may be one of the best subscription boxes I’ve gotten and they definitely give you your money’s worth! I’ll be watching the themes for the upcoming months but won’t hesitate to buy another one in the future. Check them out here.

Signature Geeks and Lattes

Note: I am not affiliated with FanMail box – I subscribed to and paid for this box. 


7 thoughts on “REVIEW: FanMail Legends of the CW Box

  1. I’ve been curious about this box. My friend was telling me about it this weekend. Very cool box.

    I also agree, Cordelia is terrible. It’s like when I got a Game of Thrones blind box in a LootCrate and the figure happened to be Joffrey. I literally would have been happy with ANYONE else.

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