Comics for Newbies: Webcomics 

I’ve covered a lot of well-known comic book publishing companies in past Comics for Newbies posts, but one thing we haven’t really covered is all the awesome content available right here – on the internet!

I personally think that one of the best entry points into comics is through webcomics. I mean why not? They’re free, and there’s basically a webcomic out there for every genre you could possibly be interested in. So why not test the waters and check out one (or all) of these great webcomics:

1. Strong Female Protagonist 

Image Source: Strong Female Protagonist
Image Source: Strong Female Protagonist

At 19, Alison Green just wants to put her superhero past behind her and focus on having a normal college experience – but that proves to be easier said than done.

Written by Brennan Lee Mulligan, with illustrations by Molly Ostertag, Strong Female Protagonist has been posting pretty regularly since 2012. Regardless of whether or not superheros are your thing, Strong Female Protagonist is a witty, and endearing comic that will appeal to just about everyone. If you’re like me, you’ll end up binge-reading three or four issues without realizing it, but that’s okay! They are currently starting their sixth issue so you still have plenty to catch up on, and if you get hooked you can also buy a physical copy.

2. JL8

Image Source: Limbero
Image Source: Limbero

JL8  is like the Rugrats version of your favourite DC comics characters. It follows elementary school aged fan-favourites like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash as they deal with typical (and not so typical) school-yard “drama.”

This webcomic is funny, cute and pretty much everything you ever dreamed of seeing from characters that are often so intense and brooding. JL8 is published in a very nostalgic Sunday news style comic strip on a weekly basis, and there are currently hundreds of strips posted for you to read. This will definitely appeal to DC comic fans as well as fans of traditional comic strips. The strip can be a bit hard to read on tumblr, so you can also find JL8 in a different format here.

3. Poorly Drawn Lines 

Image Source: Poorly Drawn Lines
Image Source: Poorly Drawn Lines

Poorly Drawn Lines is one of those cute, incredibly funny but sometimes surprisingly moving webcomics. It’s updated three times a week, and provides a little bit of humor to help you get through your day. You’ve likely seen these comics all over tumblr or the internet in general and it’s just been turned into a book! What’s not to love from these hilarious little snippets featuring bears in space, robots and hamsters having emotional breakdowns?

4. Hark! A Vagrant 

Image Source: Hark! A Vagrant
Image Source: Hark! A Vagrant

Most of you will have heard of Kate Beaton and her webcomic Hark! A Vagrant, but for those of you who haven’t….WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Hark! A Vagrant is a uniquely beautiful and funny webcomic about authors, and historical figures. Beaton’s take on historical figures, and moments are so smart and witty that you just can’t help but be drawn in.

There are currently Hark! A Vagrant books, shirts, and fat ponies available here.

5. Hijinx Ensue

Image Source: Hijinx Ensue
Image Source: Hijinx Ensue

If you’re a geek (and you probably are, I mean you’re reading this blog…) you will love Hijinx Ensue. Creator Joel Watson, pokes fun at geek and popular culture in this webcomic; all things us geeks tend to appreciate. Hijinx Ensue is currently on hiatus as its creator works out how to end the once-daily webcomic, but there’s years worth of content available for you to catch up on. Then, if you like what you see Joel Watson also started a new webcomic – Sharksplode! that you can check out while you wait for the conclusion of Hijinx Ensue.

Check out these webcomics and let me know what you think! And if you have any recommendations for webcomics that you love, let me know in the comments.


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