Fangirl Favourites August 2016

Fangirl Favourites – August 2016

After spending the majority of the summer buried under work and assignments, I’ve finally had a chance to join the real world (a little bit) and realized it’s nearly September! Hey, I’m not complaining…like many of you, I’m ready for 2016 to be over but I’m even more ready for HALLOWEEN and sweater weather, but mostly Halloween. I may or may not have bought a black cat Halloween candy dish for my desk at work which I pass off as “just a cat dish” somewhat convincingly…Read More »

Fangirl Favourites 2016

Fangirl Favourites – June 2016

Well hello there, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? To say that life has been a bit crazy would be an understatement, and unfortunately the result of being insanely busy is my blog getting pushed to the back-burner. I’m hoping that this will change in the coming months, and I’ll have lots more time to dedicate to blog content because seriously my drafts folder has been filling up with ideas that I haven’t had the time to write and it’s getting a bit out of hand.

What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a Fangirl Favourites though, right? So let’s check out what I’ve been loving this month:Read More »

Fangirl Favourites March 2016

Fangirl Favourites – March 2016

Here we are, the end of another month – a loooooong month, if you ask me. I’ve been pretty busy and overwhelmed and as such my blog has kind of shifted to the back burner and I apologize for that. I’m hoping to work out a schedule come April so that I can balance my work, courses and blogging more effectively so *fingers crossed* things will be back to normal soon.

Anyways! March was a pretty good month in terms of favourites, so why don’t we check out what I’ve been loving this month?Read More »

Fangirl Favourites February 2016

Fangirl Favourites – February 2016

Okay, so I have no idea where February went – stress and the flu basically consumed my entire month and now all of a sudden it’s March. It feels like I’ve barely had any time to have favourites, but despite all that a lot of things were released in February that I’ve been enjoying, so let’s check them out!Read More »

Fangirl Favourites – January 2016

Let’s be honest, January has not been the best start to 2016. The awful luck that’s been following me around personally aside; we’ve had to deal with the deaths of two people that impacted most, if not all of us in some way – David Bowie and Alan Rickman. So, I know I’m not alone in wanting to be done with January. But we can’t end the month without a Fangirl Favourites, and while it has been hard to find positives this month, there are a few. Here’s what I’ve been loving:Read More »