Fangirl Favourites 2016

Fangirl Favourites – June 2016

Well hello there, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? To say that life has been a bit crazy would be an understatement, and unfortunately the result of being insanely busy is my blog getting pushed to the back-burner. I’m hoping that this will change in the coming months, and I’ll have lots more time to dedicate to blog content because seriously my drafts folder has been filling up with ideas that I haven’t had the time to write and it’s getting a bit out of hand.

What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a Fangirl Favourites though, right? So let’s check out what I’ve been loving this month:Read More »


The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at TWOSE

I took a trip to Edmonton over the Victoria Day long weekend and had a chance to stop by the Telus World of Science to check out the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve been a big fan of all things Sherlock since I can remember – I read the books in elementary school, and I’ve loved basically every incarnation of Sherlock on TV and in the Movies that exists, so to say that I was excited about this exhibit is an understatement.Read More »

May Comic Swap

One of the best things to come out of starting this blog last year was definitely finding the geek girls x bloggers group. I say this all the time, these ladies are AMAZING and there’s something really special about finding such a supportive group of like-minded bloggers. Okay, okay, you get it…I love that group, I’ll stop gushing now. Since many of the ladies in the group love comics as much as I do, I decided to host a comic swap in May and now it’s time for us all to share what we got!Read More »

5 Artists on Twitter

5 Artists to Follow on Twitter

If I could suddenly possess any one talent, it would definitely be the ability to draw. This has resulted in me following A LOT of artists and comic creators on Twitter (so I can stare at all their amazing work with awe and a little bit of jealousy). So naturally, I had to share with you some of these awesome artists because really…you need to be following them too.Read More »

Ruler of Books Tag

Ruler of Books Tag

I’m a bit of an overachiever. I go through phases, especially with writing (and reading, actually) where I’ll have no motivation to write, no ideas, nothing but then out of nowhere I’ll come up with a whole bunch of ideas all at once and I decide to start working on every single one at the same time. That’s the issue I’m dealing with right now, I have about 10 posts in the draft stages, but all of them require A LOT of work and they’ve taken a lot longer to finish than I expected (did I mention I’m a bad judge of time – how long it will take me to get somewhere, or finish something).

I recently watched Ariel Bissett’s (a fellow UofG Alumni and awesome booktuber) new video where she created a book tag – the Ruler of Books tag and thought it would be a lot of fun to do in the meantime since I hate not getting a post up. Check out the tag below:Read More »