Comics for Newbies: Terminology

Recently I’ve had people ask me to clarify or define terms that I’ve used in reference to comics. I hadn’t realized until then that there’s a lot of comics terminology that gets thrown around (on this blog and elsewhere) and if you’re new to reading comics….you may not know what the heck we’re even talking about when we talk about trades vs. single issues, one-shots, or pull lists!

Don’t fret, I’m going to help you with just that! Here are some common comics related terms and phrases you may come across:

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Book to Graphic Novel Adaptations

Comics for Newbies: Book to Graphic Novel Adaptations

If you weren’t aware, Panels puts out a yearly comics reading challenge with prompts that help you read more diversely. This year I’m participating in a modified version where I combined prompts from the Panels and Book Riot Read Harder challenges and one of the prompts that I picked out from the Panels list was “Read a comic based on a book and the book it’s based on.”

That got my thinking – there are SO many great graphic novel adaptations of books and classic literature out there, and for book lovers what better way to test the waters of graphic novels and comics then by reading an adaptation of one of your favourite books? Check out these great book to graphic novel adaptations:Read More »

Comics for Newbies – On Mental Health

As someone involved in the field I’ve come to realize the value of comics that deal with Mental Health.Read More »

Comics for Newbies: Webcomics 

I’ve covered a lot of well-known comic book publishing companies in past Comics for Newbies posts, but one thing we haven’t really covered is all the awesome content available right here – on the internet!

I personally think that one of the best entry points into comics is through webcomics. I mean why not? They’re free, and there’s basically a webcomic out there for every genre you could possibly be interested in. So why not test the waters and check out one (or all) of these great webcomics:Read More »

Comics for Newbies: IDW, Archie, Boom! Studios & Dark Horse

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these huh? Well I’m back with more suggestions for all the comic newbies out there. In previous posts I offered suggestions for where to start with Marvel ComicsDC Comics, Image and Graphic Novels, this time around we’ll be taking a look at IDW, Archie, Boom! Studios and Dark Horse.Read More »